Towards policy change, Issue: December 2005, Vol: 7.4

4 Editorial

6 Tools for influencing policy
Sonja Vermeulen, Judy Williams and Le Thi Phi

9 Promoting organic agriculture in Uganda
Charles Walaga, Michael Hauser, Robert Delve
and Florence Nagawa

12 From food security to food sovereignty –
Autonomous commmunity level production systems show the way
P V Satheesh

14 Small-scale agriculture and food security policies
Roberval Silva, Paula Almeida, Luciano Silveira and Marilene Melo

16 Arvari Sansad: the farmers’ parliament
Syed Miftahul Hasnat

18 Influencing policy: the experience of RAAA in Peru
Luis Gomero Osorio

20 Policy development in organic movement
Roberto Ugás

22 Influencing policy for revival of Oran lands
Aman Singh

23 Changing animal health policies
William Wolmer and Ian Scoones

26 Practices, platforms and policies – AME’s experience
K V S Prasad and B Vijayalakshmi

28 Farmers diary: Novel method of raising Chow-chow seedlings
S Ramachandrappa

29 The emergence of a faculty of organic agricultural sciences
Holger Mittelstrass

31 The Narayana Reddy Column : Policies and rural realities

32 Sources

34 Networking

35 New books

36 Themes for LEISA India

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