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The buzz on beneficial insects Engaging youth in pollinator conservation

An alarming fall in pollinators population would collapse the ecosystem rendering a food security crisis. BAIF’s pilot initiatives to boost the population of pollinator insects, not only enhanced pollination and crop production, but has also empowered youth to become...

Women-led farm enterprises: Unleashing the potential of humble millets

The revival of millets in Odisha has instilled a sense of confidence among women groups, helping them to beat poverty and malnutrition. Odisha Millets Mission and Mission Shakti department have been successfully promoting WSHG-led millet-based farm enterprises across...

FPOs for success of natural farming mission

As a response to the inefficiencies in the present marketing system and to enable farmers, especially the small and marginal farmers to receive a fair price to their produce, resulting from economies of scale, FPOs are being promoted. Besides the push for forming...

Engineering Just Transitions – Women’s empowerment and adaptation through agroecology

When empowered by the system, women can be active agents of change, who can shape their own destinies and that of their households for the better. The Odisha Millet Mission (OMM)is a fine example as a model of agroecology which not only helps farmers to adapt to...

Small scale Bio-Resource Centres For better adoption of agroecological practices

Small-scale Bio Resource Centres (BRCs) can play a significant role in the transition to agroecological agriculture, by helping farmers to use bio-formulations that are difficult to prepare at the farm level. Also, small-scale BRCs strengthen local economy. It is...

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    It is great pleasure to read a magazine like LEISA INDIA Indeed the articles published in the magazine can really change the quality of life of rural people.

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    I have been a regular reader of your esteemed magazine. This is very informative and provides very useful information with regard to modern dynamics of agricultural practices and social innovations.

    Manas Ranjan Gahir

    I really appreciate your organization for consistently delivering thought-provoking content and engaging articles. The quality and depth of your publication have truly made it a valuable source of information.


    Director, CIKS

    I am reading your magazine for more than 10 years and LEISA India carries useful articles and subjects. The Milles issue is very useful.

    D Madhusudhan Rao

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