September 2018 – Small holder farm enterprises

For small holder farm family, farm diversity is the key. Diversity of enterprises is integral for sustainable small farmer livelihoods. Farm diversity offers food and nutrition, sustainable incomes, and gainful engagement in an activity throughout the year.  Most often, they build on resource  recycling, where an output of one enterprise becomes an input for another, thus keeping the costs low.

Farm enterprises could be kitchen gardens, backyard poultry, mushroom cultivation, small ruminants etc. They could be at the farm household level  or graduate to operate at a community level. In general, these small enterprises are based on simple affordable technology options and are operated at a scale which minimise business risks but offer limited margins. Most often, women manage these enterprises which provide steady and supplementary incomes as well as household access to diversified food options.

In the September 2018 issue of LEISA India, we would like to look at what are the motivating factors and challenges for these small holders in setting up these enterprises? What do they see as advantages of remaining small? Could they become a community based enterprise and if so, what are the opportunities and challenges they have to face in collectivising efforts? We are looking for examples of enterprises by small holders, both at the household level as well as at the community level.

Articles for the September 2018 issue of LEISA India should be sent to the editors before 20th August 2018. Email:

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