December 2022 – Renewable Energy in Agriculture

Agricultural operations do consume lots of energy generated from various sources like  electricity, diesel and others, besides human and animal energy. Indirectly, the sector consumes lot of energy through production of fertilisers and pesticides. By their extensive use for several purposes including agriculture, the stocks and reserves  get depleted; costs of cultivation increase and invariably increase emissions and pollution levels.

Use of renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, hydro and biomass address these issues and challenges, especially for the vulnerable farming communities living in off-grid areas. Harnessing these energy sources in agriculture is termed clean energy farming. Besides being a environment friendly option, being sustainable sources of energy they promote energy conservation. They help farmers become self-reliant too. Transition towards renewable sources of energy, however, require additional investments, policy support as well as passionate efforts.

Human power and use of draft animals has been part of traditional farming methods – especially for land preparation. Whether it is crop management , livestock management or aquaculture there are series of operation which could be powered by renewable sources. Some of the farmers have been leveraging solar energy judiciously for various purposes like water pumping, produce drying, for green houses etc. Solar energy is also used in diary for milking machines and also used for electric fences. Another renewable source in use is the biomass energy like the biofuels, biogas etc. There could be some more in special eco zones targeting wind and tidal waves too. In future, conventional energy sources could be replaced by fuel cells too.

In our December 2022 issue, we look forward to innovations by individuals and farming communities who have been harnessing solar energy for various applications in farming; trying out biodigesters; innovating simple, inexpensive irrigation mechanisms using the undulations of the landscape. We would also like to include experiences that highlight the support that farmers receive in terms of finance, policy support and advisory services.

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