June 2022 – Education on Agroecology

Agroecology is a scientific discipline based on applying ecological concepts and principles to agriculture. It is not just about productivity increases but encompasses various dimensions like the social, economic, cultural and equity in the process of sustainable food production. Agroecology is also a movement in various countries across the globe. The conventional agricultural education and research has to recognise the multidimensional and multifunctional aspect of the same.

Traditionally agriculture is learnt from the elders in the family. As majority of the farmers have turned towards to conventional agricultural methods, owing to Green Revolution and the State support, the present generation farmers have to look out for knowledge on agroecology. Though methods of agroecology have been ‘practiced’ since long – the science behind it is rather new for the present generation of farmers.

Farmers Field Schools, a participatory learning process became widely prevalent and well accepted approach for building capacities of farmers on agroecology. But, the students who are the future torch bearers for sustainable development have hardly any exposure to this type of education, as Agroecology has not entered the mainstream education system in India.

A change in system of learning from conventional to experiential learning, understanding linear to complex interrelations has the power to bring about a shift in the way we farm.  However, we do come across several initiatives that are being implemented, though on a small scale, to foster  sustainable development. Short term courses on agroecology, initiatives with  participatory and action learning strategies, interdisciplinary platforms – both  online and offline, online libraries, seminars and webinars are some examples which are facilitating knowledge exchange on agroecology.

We look forward to experiences that promote and enrich knowledge exchange in agroecology. Please do send in your experiences to our forthcoming issue of June 2022, before 30th April 2022 to the Editors at leisaindia@yahoo.co.in


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