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Very pertinent to the developing country like Nepal, since I am working for small farmer through Department of Agriculture in Nepal. Madhu Sudan Paudyal

Read article on organic farming by Mr. Chandrashekar in LEISA magazine; got very impressed regarding organic farming.  Tulasidas Varma, Nagpur, Maharashtra and Veerappan, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

This magazine is very good with exchanging and sharing knowledge about agriculture for present and future. Nilesh Talekar

I have been a regular reader of your esteemed magazine since last two years. This is very informative and provides very useful information with regard to modern dynamics of agricultural practices and social innovations. Manas Ranjan Gahir

Your website and articles are an inspiration.. Arjun Jadeja

I could recognize “Low External Input” through LEISA. It implies a lot to society; with low external input, the environment becomes safer, the soil health improves and the yield sustains. S.Varadarasan

I am a reader of LEISA magazine and I am much impressed. You are really doing a great job. Liza Jacob

Through the LEISA magazine I have been getting innovative technical improvised knowledge and skills on sustainable farming… P. Jeevan Das

My experience with LEISA is very good and fruitful for us to understand the world of agriculture and comparison with us and getting more inspiration towards agriculture based livelihood. Sanjay Saxena

We find the magazine useful for rural tribal villagers to improve their farming techniques. Damodaran

LEISA is a good magazine; it contains so many informations related to agriculture specially to the students, farmers, extension workers and the scientists working in this field. I am also a reader of this magazine since last 15 years. Dr. O. V. S. Thenu

I am regular follower of LEISA INDIA. I have agriculture lands and LEISA “Livestock for sustainable livelihoods” issue helped me to use and understand agriculture practices, dairy and sheep raring etc. Recently I visited Veerakempanna’s Sheep farm and I learnt many things, I am fan of Narayana Reddys Coloum. I am sharing LEISA with my friends, relatives and farmers too. Suresh agriculturist, SS group Karnataka

I have been reading LEISAINDIA magazine since ten years. In the year 2002 you predicted that, future status of food crisis in India, What was said, at present it’s happening. Small animals rising can be helpful to small and marginal farmers you said as a consultant but, I started teaching the same in my place the people who comes here are happyRaj Denie, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

It is great pleasure to read a magazine like LEISA INDIA Indeed the articles published in the magazine can really change the quality of life of rural people. Balachandra Nadagouda, Karnataka

I have adopted SRI method of rice cultivation. Neighbouring farmers have also shown interest. G.V. Gopinath, Tamil Nadu; Patil, Karnataka; Vinit Bharagava, MP.

I have improved the soil condition in my fields by adapting the techniques described in the LEISA India magazine. R. Ravi, Palakkad, Kerala.

I have started using organic matter continuously for improving soil fertility, inspired by NR column. B. Gunashekhara Bhat, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka.

The articles on dryland agriculture are very useful to me to practice on the field. S. Arun Kumar, Tamil Nadu.

I am preserving organic matter in my farm inspired by NR column in Dec 2003 issue. Prahlad Vaman Devarhubli, Belgaum, Karnataka

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