December 2020 – Local Produce, Local Markets and Local Economies

Small holder Family Farming communities have been traditionally tapping the local markets for their convenience as well as ease of reaching out. The farming communities do prefer local varieties (crops and livestock) as they are suitable and resilient to the local contexts and climate aberrations. With increasing demand for local foods, cuisine and the interest in traditional biodiversity is getting revived. However, always there are market driven choices taken up by venturesome farming communities with their associated known and unknown risks and challenges as seen during this pandemic time.

The year 2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenge for all sectors of economy. However, the ever resilient farming communities have taken up the challenge and relentlessly pursued farming and ensured growth. The year 2021 has been declared as International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. It recognises the need  for an enabling environment in creating full and productive employment and decent work, supporting entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

We look forward to know how farmers have tackled all odds in focusing on creatively dealing with pursuing local produce, tapped local markets, also the distant markets through digital outreach and keeping the local economies sustainable. Also, it would be interesting to understand how the farming communities created full and productive employment in the times of labour migration, creating new enterprises and social inclusion while tackling poverty.

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