Agroecological innovations – December 2018 – Issue 20.4


Small holder agriculture is increasingly becoming vulnerable to many changes happening in the external environment. While we cannot stop the changes that are happening, we can adapt to the changing situations.  Innovative farmers have shown various ways and means to tide over the crisis in agriculture.

Small farmers facing a myriad of problems in farming, seek practical solutions emerging out of their experience.  Their solutions are simple and are born out of nature. The resourcefulness and innovativeness of these small-scale farmers has been an important asset for solving many kinds of problems in agriculture. Integrating them in the formal research process will result in the development of relevant, accessible and affordable solutions, for wider benefit. Hope you find this issue inspiring and useful.

We are glad to inform you that LEISA India has completed two decades of knowledge sharing on ecological alternatives. LEISA India owes its continuity primarily to enthusiastic contributors committed to strengthening agroecological knowledge sharing and exchange. We are extremely grateful to all those who have supported this movement. We earnestly seek your continued support, in large numbers, through voluntary contributions.

Wishing all our readers a very Happy New Year!

4. Editorial

6. Farmer adaptations – Key for ecological sustainability

S. Kalavathi, A Abdul Haris, Jeena Mthew and V Krishnakumar

10 Five Square Model – An innovative practice to reduce soil salinity

Sutapa De, Saikat Pal and Purnabha Dasgupta

14. Snow harvesting – An innovative irrigation method

Dhan Bahadur Kathayat, Mahananda Joshi and Sadananda Upadhaya

18. Innovative market mechanism

Bankey Bihari, Lakhan Singh, Rajesh Bishnoi and Suresh Kumar

22. Simple innovations by small farmers deserve attention

Pratap Mukhopadhyay

26. New Books

27. Sources

28. Innovations on the ground

30. Farmer Diary – Pit method of vegetable production – An innovative practice

31. In the news

34. The battle for the future of farming – What you need to know

Michel Pimbert and Colin Anderson



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