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I read LEISA magazine first time and found that it would be very fruitful for farmers as well as students. There are many articles written very effectively, really awesome. I would like to thank all the contributors, editor in chief and head of this magazine who have taken this step in the field of agriculture and allied sectors. Nirmal Kumar Meena, Indian Agri. Research Institute, New Delhi.

LEISA is an excellent journal in the field of agriculture. Dr. Kameswar Das, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Milannagar 781313, Assam

LEISA India is a perfect agriculture magazine for farmers, students, researchers and professionals. Binod Ghimire

LEISA India magazine is very useful to the staff, students and scientists of the college and the same is preserved in the Library for their reference use. C. J. Gaikwad, Librarian, College of Agriculture, Nagpur.

I appreciate the efforts taken to explore the agricultural technologies to the farmer by AME Foundation. Dr. A. Kalyanasundaram

Congratulations for excellent articles of LEISA India. I am the oldest reader of this magazine regularly in the entire NE India. Dr. Shyam Bhadra Medhi, West Nabagraha P.O., Kharghuli, Guwahati.

LEISA magazine is narrating several ecofriendly innovative methodologies which are more beneficial for socio economic and agricultural researchers. Anandan P

LEISA India provides new dimensions in agriculture. Dr. S. P. Singh

AME Foundation is playing a greater role in transferring the agri. technologies in the country as well as in the globe. LEISA magazine is comprising of very effective articles on agri. technologies supporting the people to follow or practice in their farms. Kumaraswamy Hiremath

As per its name, its a good magazine for those who are having limited resources for scientific research and its implications and want higher yield in each and every aspect of agriculture for its sustenance. Dr. Kiran Yadav

It’s very useful for agricultural graduates, post graduates and policy makers. Thank you so much LEISA India. Shiva Kumar Ganiwada

Good job done reg readers survey. Prof. V. Veerabhadraiah

I love this magazine; I am an agriculture student; this is very informative for students, professors, farmers. Now I am working as a technical officer in Agriculture and Food Security Project (AFSP) under the Nepal Agriculture Research Centre (NARC), Nepal. I feel it will be a great magic stick for underdeveloped country with poor resource farmers. Narayan Prasad Pathak

I would like to congratulate your team for the excellent magazine..   Dr.Patu K. Zeliang

It is very useful to my research study.  Mr. Balamurugan Dhanushkodi

LEISA is a very informative for my work area specially in small holding farming system. Dr. Narayan Singh

The issue contains wealth of information on how to retain youth in agriculture. Dr.M.T. Lakshminarayan

Magazine is informative and innovative. Best for gross root level planning. It includes case studies of real experiences. Personally, I found realistic solutions and appropriate guidance to solve the primary sector problems of central Himalaya, especially in Uttarkhand. Dr. Mrigesh pande, Principal Govt. Autonomous P.G College, Rishikesh Uttarakhanda

I am happy that, I learned many things about organic farming through magazine. Mr. Aravindthalochan R, Saintxaviers College, Palayankottai, Tamil Nadu

Its very excellent magazine which gives creative idea’s on agriculture practices and for educating people at grass root level. Mr. U. Laxman Kale , Mahyco Ltd, Kamdod, Ranebennur Taluk, Haveri District

Thank you for regularly mailing LEISAINDIA which is invaluable in the collection of our departmental library and indispensable for students, researchers, scholars and teachers of the department. Prof. Prasanna B Joshi HOD. Dept. Economics, R.P D College Tilakawadi, Belgaum, Karnataka

LEISA INDIA is a very useful source of scientific information to farmers and related to the organic farming in particulars. Dr. Subhan Khan

I am happy to support LEISA movement. It has added a new dimension to my teaching profession in Botany and environment. Dr. KG Hiremath HOD, Dept. Botany. Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Panaji, Goa.

I wish to inform that I am receiving the LEISA magazine regularly for the past 6 years. We have introduced organic farming, LEISA, Permaculture and biodynamic farming aspects in the agriculture syllabus of our diploma course. Prof. Dr. TT Ranganathan, Gandhi Rural Institute, Deemed University, Tamilnadu

The entire farming community, planners and managers are benefited by the literature sheared by LEISA India. It has contributed significantly in raising people’s awareness about ecology, environment, and small scale credit and about many more things. Dr. Raj Pal Meena

Issue “Farming and social inclusion” volume of LEISA gas helped me to enhance my idea on organic product marketing. Dr. Dipankar Saha

I am reading LEISA INDIA since 2002. I found this magazine is informative for farmers, extension personals and researches alike. Agriculture is now facing a lot of problems from a-biotic and biotic side. Some time people look for solutions in different angles. Experience and success stories of farmers and researches can impact behind boundaries. Dr. Y Ramakrishna

Your highly brought up magazine is impressive in look and contents. I would like to see that your Hindi Edition magazine is regularly received. Shri Devinder Sharma’s contribution in literatures often in newspapers are quite informative and must be creating a positive attitude for those who are working in the field of environment, health, economy etc with respect to agriculture which has been the backbone, country’s prosperity in the ancient / post times, though it is neglected one from the recent some decades or a few centuries. LEISA’s efforts are to return to nature, as it is unique in this respect. One thing must be borne in the mind of LEISA that is about reaching of its information base to our fellow individuals, who are still away from the glamour of computer, websites, etc features of IT which has enveloped our population but my feeling is it does not envelope more than 10% to 15% of our population.  Education is real for though to certain extent we have become literate simply.  Intelligence is not seriously dedicated to social responsibilities as it is lack of wisdom education in its true perspectives. DR. R. P. Agarwal

I have used the contents of LEISA India to teach my students especially the concepts like FFS and organic farming. R. Sendil Kumar , Kerala Agriculture. University.

Contents on Participatory Technology Development were dealt in PG classes.
Dr. J K Sharma, Assam Agrl. University.

The articles on water harvesting and subsurface dyke were very useful for taking classes to farmers and extension personnel.
G.S. Jayashree, Asst. Professor, FSRS, Kerala.

Water harvesting technology is being advocated to the tea growers of North East India.
Dr. B K Laskar, Tea Research Association, Assam.

Practical tips on Rabbit growing and NR column on SRI have been used in a practical way.
Dr. M C Nandeesha, Dept. of Aquaculture, College of Fisheries, Tripura.

We have used the material on SRI cultivation of Paddy for training farmers.
Dr. Sukanta Kumar Sarangi, ICAR Research Complex, Arunachal Pradesh.

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