Women in Agriculture – December 2002- Issue- 4.4

4      Women in agriculture


6       The feminisation of agriculture and the implications for maize development in China

Yiching Song and Janice Jiggins

9        Women can move the earth: experience in working with Indian Women farmers

Edith Van Walsum

13      Bitter cassav and Women: an intriguing response to food security

Linley Chiwona-Karltun…

15      Women and livestock: Creating space and oppertunities

Nitya.S, Ghorge and Sagari Ramdas

17      Gender mainstreaming: Lessons from a Mexican NGO

Maria de las Mercedes Rocha, Teresa Mungulia…

19      Developing camel products: Pastoralist Women and PTD

Laura Lemunyete

21      Small change crops- the marginalisation of Women farmer’s priorities

Carine Pionetti

23      Economic change and gender relations- planning in the pearl Lagoon Basin

Denise Lapoutre

25     Organic farming and gender roles in Northern Thailand – Rebecca Eisses and Jutamart Chikam

27     Land in the hands of women?

Renate Schilssler

30     The Narayana Reddy Column: Women in agriculture

L. Narayana Reddy

31     Themes for the LEISA India

32      Sources

34       Websites

35       Books

36       Reaching women- Personal reflections

Eric F. Wirsiy

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