Women and Food Soveriegnty – September 2009 – Issue 11.3

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4 Editorial

6 Theme overview – Women and food sovereignty
Michel Pimbert

10 Gendering Agriculture Putting women first
P V Satheesh

13 Tribal women attain food sovereignty through seed banks
Veena Vidyadharan and Manoj Kumar Tiwari

15 If you don’t save seed, you are not a real farmer
Nico Bakker and Feliz Zenén Martínez Mendoza

17 In Focus: GM contamination
Devinder Sharma

18 Women participate, everybody benefits
Shen Shicai and Qian Jie

21 Women take control of their food security and sovereignty
Naresh Jadav and Pallavi Sobti-Rajpal

24 Building self sustenance – A small farmer’s success story
Vanya Orr, Arunkumar, Gitakrenak, Siva Kumar and Mohan Kumar

25 Unleashing Entrepreneurship – A woman shows the way
G S Unnikrishnan Nair

27 Cuba’s success story, further developed
Francisco Dueñas, Dagmara Plana, Isis Salcines, Bárbara Benítez, Laura R. Medina and María E. Dominí

30 Spreading local culture through eco-tourism center
Jignasa Pandya and Neerupen Senma

32 Getting food sovereignty and women’s rights onto the political agenda
Laeticia Jalil

34 The Narayana Reddy Column – Women and Food Sovereignty

35 New Books

36 Sources

37 Networking

38 Sustainable agriculture in the news
Code of conduct needed to protect small-scale farmers from “land grabs”

39 Bihanaa Maa The ‘seed mothers’
Biswamohan Mohanty

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