Trees and farming – June 2011 – Issue 13.2

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Trees are integral to our traditional farming systems, for the innumerable benefits that they provide. However, over time, with shrinking land holdings, annual crops replaced trees for various reasons. Trees complement farming in terms of manure, fodder and fuel needs of the farmer. They form the backbone for practicing integrated farming systems which is necessary for self reliant and sustainable agriculture. With the climate change impacts being already felt, including trees in farming becomes more crucial than ever before. Also, trees considered as carbon sinks, are one of the well known ways of reducing the global warming effects. In this issue we present experiences where farmers have integrated and practiced tree based farming, reaping rich benefits, individually and for the community as well.

We are happy with the feedback we are receiving through web on the utility of the magazine. Also, we would be grateful to readers sharing how a particular experience they read has inspired them to practice something better.


Trees for improving farm productivity

Narayan G Hegde

Agroforestry for ecological and economic benefits

R K Maikhuri and Vikram S Negi

Kerala Home Gardens, Nurturing biodiversity

Allan Thomas, S Bhaskaran, Sajan Kurien and
Usha C Thomas

Integrating multi-purpose trees for improving soil health

M Ashok Kumar

“We know what to do” – Interview

Mireille Vermeulen

Fodder banks, Relieving women from drudgery

Shalini Misra, R.K. Maikhuri and Deepak Dhyani

Field Notes

Farmers Diary, Small-scale organic farming

Dinesh Panday

Payments or rewards?
Farmers benefit by providing environmental services

Godfrey Mwaloma

Tree Service should not be Free Service

K V S Krishna

The Narayana Reddy Column
Trees, the living assets to farmers

New Books – Trees and Farming

Sources – Trees and Farming

Wadi, the tree based farming model

B V Sherkar and R C Kote

Trees as rich farm resources

S Rama

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