Towards Fairer Trade – March 2008 – Issue 10.1

4 Editorial

6 ‘Pure & Fair’: Organic and Fair Trade supports sustainable livelihoods
Alistair Leadbetter, Heather Parr and Maveen Pereira

10 Agroecological cotton and fair trade make the difference
Pedro Jorge B.F. Lima

12 Meeting the challenges of exporting mangoes from Burkina Faso
Hans-Willem van der Waal

13 Themes for LEISA India

14 Improved shea butter trading through certification
Cindy D’Auteuil

16 Fair to the last drop: Corporate challenges to Fairtrade
Eric Holt-Giménez, Ian Bailey and Devon Sampson

19 Markets, trading and Fair trade
NCB Nath

20 Growing a local organic movement: The Mexican Network of Organic Markets
Erin Nelson, Rita Schwentesius Rindermann, Laura Gómez Tovar and Manuel Ángel Gómez Cruz

22 Participatory Guarantee Systems offer alternative certification
Tegan Renner

23 Eco foot prints – using people’s participation as a way forward
Mathew John and Kunal Sharma

25 Organic bazaars – linking small producers with urban consumers
B N Vishwanath

26 Reaping benefits through Public-Private Partnership
Yogesh Sawant and Meghraj Sapate

27 Community Supported Agriculture: An alternative local food system
Petra van de Kop, Klaas Nijhof, Henk Kloen and Arnoud Braun

30 The Narayana Reddy Column : Linking growers and consumers
31 Sources

33 Networking

34 Books

35 Direct trade that benefits poor communities in India and the U.K.
Mari Marcel Thekaekara

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