Sustaining Gains and Scaling Up – December 2009 – Issue 11.4

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4. Editorial

6. Non Pesticidal Management Learning from experiences
G.V. Ramanjaneyulu, M.S. Chari, T.A.V.S. Raghunath, Zakir Hussain and Kavitha Kuruganti

10 Shrimp farmers in India Empowering small-scale farmers
N.R. Umesh, A.B. Chandra Mohan, G. Ravibabu, P.A. Padiyar, M.J. Phillips, C.V. Mohan and B. Vishnu Bhat

13 Regreening the Sahel The success of natural tree regeneration
Chris Reij

15. Upscaling an innovative practice in rainfed paddy cultivation
Sangeetha Patil

18. Scaling up and sustaining nutrition interventions
Luc Laviolette and Venkatesh Mannar

21 The glass is half full
Interview – Parviz Koohafkan

24 Scaling up community managed water supply programme
J. James

27 Upscaling through local entrepreneurs
J P Tripathi and Kirit Jessani

30 In Focus – One step is not enough
Benedikt Haerlin

31 Food Sovereignty: SRI sets the platform in irrigated rice
systems of Tamil Nadu
V.K.Ravichandran, K.R.Jahanmohan and B.J. Pandian

33 The Narayana Reddy Column
Integrated agriculture for sustainable gains

34 Sources

35 New Books

36 Towards the celebration of an International Year of Family Farming
José María Zeberio

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