Stakeholders in research – September 1999 – Issue 1.2

5. PTD Emerging in South India – an Overview

H.N. Chamakya

7. The Making of a Social Institution

Manjulika vaz

9. The Genesis of the LEISA Network

Oswald Quintal

11. Data an research for Collective Action – IFOAM Case Study

Ashok Rathi

13. NPM – way of Axhieving Food security

B. suresh Reddy

15. Maghi Sorghum in Deep Black Soils of Khammam, Andhra Pradesh

J. Venkateswarlu

16. Development of Multi Crop Fertiseed Drill for Black Soil (Karail) Area of Uttar Pradesh

R.N. Rai, J. Singh and R. Prasad

18. The Narayana Reddy Column : Role of Livestock in Sustainable Agriculture

19. Ideas worth trying… ecofriendly management of Sucking Pests of Bittergourd

19. Planting More Neem Trees

20. Technologies worth trying.. Leaf wetness Counter

20. Gypsum to Control Stemrot


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