Stakeholders in agroecology – Dec 2016 – Issue 18.4

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Diverse stakeholders’ working together has been always a challenge – especially when the mandates are inherently different. Self imposed boundaries and hierarchies stifle collective action. However, all these challenges dissolve when the purpose becomes bigger than the position.

Agroecological knowledge is context, ability and opportunity specific. Marriage of knowledge systems – informal and formal, recognition for grass root innovation and creating an atmosphere for it to happen, is the basis for the agroecological movement. Enabling environment and appropriate support is needed which requires different sensitivity, respect and working arrangements. Diverse stakeholders do play a positive role, when they are determined to. In this issue, we share some experiences which throw light on the immense potential of working together for a common purpose.

We are extremely grateful to the overwhelming response we are receiving to our survey. Every day, we take pride in receiving your focused responses, words of encouragement and suggestions for improvement. It is deeply touching when each one of you take time to cite specific instances when LEISA India content supported you. We thank all those who inspired you for sharing their experiences. Again, it reinforces the common vision we all share for a healthy and profitable farmer, healthy environment for all. Wishing you a Happy New Year!


Stakeholders in SRI innovation systems
Suchiradipta Bhattacharjee and Saravanan Raj

A perspective on the working of multistakeholder processes
K V S Prasad

Enhancing the power of negotiation of small farmers
Debaranjan Pujahari and Aarti Dayal

Meeting multiple needs of small farmers
M N Kulkarni and S M Hiremath

One man mission – A farmer educator spreads agroecology
T M Radha

Joining hands to revive pastoral economy and its ecosystem
Ramesh Bhatti and Shouryamoy Das

New Books


Institutions come together in promoting organic farming
S Vallal Kannan, P Ananda Priya and P Tamilselvi

Partnerships promoting digital platforms
Amit Chakravarty

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