SRI: A scaling up success – March 2013 – Issue 15.1

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System of Rice Intensification, popularly known as SRI, is described in various ways – as a knowledge intensive alternative, an innovation, an approach etc. SRI is being accepted by large number of farmers…who are not only realising the benefits but also sharing their learning’s with others.

SRI principles are now being adapted to various other crops too.  NGOs in partnership with enthusiastic donors, and few state government’s too are popularizing the alternative.

However, support at national policy level has been limited. A wide gamut of experiences sharing how SRI is working and spreading are presented in this issue.

Editorial – SRI: A scaling up success

Learning from the up-scaling efforts

Tushar Dash , Biswanath Sinha

SRI Kranti – The rice revolution

Anil Kumar Verma

Showing the dawn

Amitesh Chandra

Upscaling SRI – Unpacking innovation, investments and institutions

B C Barah , C. Shambu Prasad

“SRI is something unprecedented”

Jorge Chavez-Tafur

Sustainable sugarcane initiative – Improving yields and reducing ecological footprint

U.S. Natarajan , Biksham Gujja

Horses for courses – Understanding SRI adoption

Perumal,Subhashini Sridhar , K. Vijayalakshmi , A.V. Balasubramanian

Food security in flood prone areas – SRI shows the way

Ram Bahadur Khadka

Golden wheat becomes more Golden – Extending SRI to wheat

Ravi Chopra , Debashish Sen

The Narayana Reddy Column: Adopt SRI, save resources

New books


Field Notes

Thomas Abraham , S. K. Sarangi , Kathiresan G

Lessons in scaling up

T.M. Radha

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