Spreading beyond country borders

We are a Training Organisation offering various kinds of training to Industries and Business houses in India and abroad. We are also involved in social and charitable activities. Our main focus is environment and education. We facilitate the dissemination of environmental protection technologies and preservation of natural resources. We also help tribes, rural and semi-urban youth and villagers to practice agriculture using natural inputs.

We collect lot of inputs from magazines, publications, websites and other research institutions. The information are compiled into power-point presentations and shared amongst the beneficiaries. At present we are not compiling data on the outcome of the utilisation of the information.

In addition to the sharing of information on the valuable research reports and the articles published in various journals, we are associated with the Hope Foundation in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Tree Growers Association, Tree And Medicinal plants growers Association, Coimbatore (these NGOs are sponsored by the Forest Department of Government of Tamil Nadu and Institute of Forestry, Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore). All the institutions periodically conduct free camps for villagers and farmers in various parts of Tamil Nadu.

I had been to Oman for two important projects: (i) Providing technical and managerial training to the Defence Logistics Division and Few key Industries in Oman, (ii) revival of sick industries in Oman’s Capital city Muscat. While discussing about various factors discussions were also initiated by the Officials on Protection of Environment and promote environment friendly agriculture. Some of the presentation shown to the other farmers in India, were shown to Oman Officials. They wanted to try some of the techniques. Since we provided the source of the information, immediately they interacted with the respective contributors and their associates.

Prevention of Top soil erosion, water retaining techniques, identification of trees which can grow in deserts, especially in northern part of Oman are some of the results the officials shared with me during my subsequent visits in connection with our regular training, Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM) and EMS implementation projects in Oman.

Though sharing of the information with Oman officials did not helped us to earn monetarily, we as Indians gained reputation on helping a desert nation to grow plants. Yesterday, I was informed through reliable vegetable vendor of Oman that they are planning to grow carrot, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower without fertiliser and pesticides.

Already the Sultanate of Oman is in constant touch with Government of India for availing various Agriculture technologies.
Source: Dr.Raj Mohan, Chief Mentor, Man2succeed, India