Soils for Life – March 2015 – Issue 17.1


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More than 90% of the planet’s genetic biodiversity is found in soils. A gram of soil can contain as many as 10,000 different species. The various micro organisms in the soil are capable of fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere, make other nutrients accessible to the plants and also improve the physical structure of the soil. However, with agriculture becoming commercialized, farmers have shifted to high chemical agriculture, depriving soils of organic matter on which the soil life thrives. Today, soil remains lifeless. But even today, amidst commercialization, we still find farmers who adopt alternative agriculture practices, preserving soil health. This issue of LEISA India includes a number of such initiatives. While we celebrate the International Year of Soils 2015, hope these experiences inspire many others to think and act differently.


Bringing back the soil

N Venkatesan

Biochar for healthy soils

J Elango and V M Karunagaran

Mulching – Harvesting many benefits in cardomom

S Varadarasan and P Vivekanandan

Making dry farming the second front of agriculture development

R Dwarakinath

Participatory soil health restoration

Anirudhha Das and Purnabha Dasgupta


“Healthy soils give family farmers autonomy, resilience and long-term productivity”

Janneke Bruil

Creating a healthy living soil to feed millions with safe food

Deepak Suchde and Om P Rupela

Revival of soil fertility in Vidarbha region

Priti Joshi

Sheep Penning – Need to sustain this unique practice

B Sriveda and B Srihitha

Restoring our soils by learning from history

Roland Bunch

Nurturing natural ecosystems

Sujata Goel

Soil health – Key to improved yields

Purshottam Jangid, Monu K Rathore Ranveer, S Shaktawat and V Khatana

New Books


Rural Reality Show – An innovative approach to spread good practices

Shweta Prajapati and Gazala Shaikh


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