Securing Land Rights – Dec 2011 – Issue 13.4

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Rural poverty and land ownership are strongly linked. Today there are multiple pressures on land. Farmers are losing out on their lands. Farming is being seen more of a commercial pursuit with many private and corporate players calling the shots. Farm livelihoods and food security is at stake. Farming communities are openly demonstrating their dissent in the form of campaigns and foot marches. It’s time for the policy makers to wake up, listen and act suitably! In this issue, we have presented some of the people’s initiatives which are helping the poor communities gain access to land.

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Editorial – Securing Land Rights

A little land can make a big difference
T Haque and Gregory Rake

Allotment Gardens
Towards food security and urban environmental
Robert J Holmer and Axel W Drescher

Tricked, trapped and grabbed
Farmers experience with eucalyptus plantations
Debjeet Sarangi, Bichitra Biswal and Vlady Rivera

Fighting for land rights
A case of Juang and Bhuyan adivasis in Orissa
Duskar Barik

Communities are smart enough to make the right choices
Interview by Laura Eggens

Our 2P approach
Jagat Deuja and Bed Prasad Khatiwada

Development versus Livelihoods
B Suresh Reddy and T Praveena

Land is more than an asset
The Narayana Reddy Column

New Books – Securing Land Rights

Sources – Securing Land Rights

Land and Power
Bertram Zagema

Jan Satyagraha
The people’s movement
P V Rajagopal

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