Rural Communication – June 2002 – Issue 4.2


4      Changing information flows – Editorial

6       Recent and Future Challenges in Ag. Extension

John Farrington

9       The ICT Agenda : global plans and local solutions

Katherine Morrow

11     “Farmer to farmer”: Participatory radio for Dekhon farmers in Tadjikistan

Armorer Wason

13       Process of setting up a community radio station by state agriculture universities

Mahesh Acharya

14      “Namma Dhwani”, an Indian experience of community radio


15      Linking farmers worldwide through radio

Nancy Bennett

17       Information villages: Connecting rural communities in India

Katherine Morrow

20       “Ground Up”: facilitating networking and sharing in sub Saharan Africa

Parkie Mbozi

23        Communicating Innovation: the “In the field” project

Monica and Kaz Janowski

26         Exploring new alliances in agricultural extension- the case of UNFFE

Uganda National Farmers’ Federation

28         Using the internet for advocacy – the ETC perspective

Katherine Morrow

30        The Narayana Reddy Column: Rural Communication

L. Narayana Reddy

31        Sources

32        Websites

34         Books

36         The story of a tattered newsletter- Anne Waters Bayer


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