Reversing degradation – December 2003 – Issue 5.4

4. Reversing degradation

6. Little bugs, big problems
Tim Hart, Roberta Burgess and Hans Hugo

9. Nitrogen fixation on a national scale
Adriana Montañez, Carlos Labanderaand Luis Solari

10. Wastelands: rehabilitation and management approaches
T.V. Ramachandra and Raushan Kumar

12. Farmers’ practices of improving soil health bymulching in semi-arid India
Dr. Prasanta Kumar Mishra

13. Improtance of vegetation in rainfed drylandagriculture
G.N.S. Reddy

14. Adoption of green manure and cover crops
Roland Bunch

17. Healing the earth: an Ethiopian story
Million Belay and Sue Edwards

19. Bio-drainage for degraded drainage problem lands
P. Masilamani, S. Santhana Bosu and K. Annadurai

20. Bio-remediation of sodic soil through vermitech
Sultan Ahmed Ismail, Sundaravadivel S, Jagan Mohan Reddy, Geetha K.S. & Abdullah Adil Ansari

21. Indigenous fodder trees for rehabilitation
Blesilda Calub

23. Restoration of denuded lands in the north easternIndia through rubber plantations
A.K. Krishna Kumar & Rajeswari Meenattoor. J.

25. Moving in sand and time
Sushila Ojha

27. Shelterbelts and farmers’ needsLambert Onyewotu, Kees Stigter, Yusuf Abdullahi
and Jo Ariyo

29. Farmer Field School on nutrient managemet
Davies Onduru, Fredrick Muchena, Louis Gachimbiand André de Jager

30. The Narayana Reddy Column: Preserve organic matter in the soil

32. New in print

33. Sources

34. Networking

36. Cucumber — A potential vegetable for sodic soil
G. Kathiresan

Themes for the LEISA-India

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