Restoring biodiversity – December 1999 – Issue 1.3

4. Richaria’s study proves deliberate neglect of indigenous varieties

Bharat Dogra

6. Famers’ role in generating sweet potato planting material

Sushma arya & Virendar Khatana

7. Bio- resource and food from wild

Pandurang Hegde

9.Biodiversity and Honey Bees

Pandurang Hegde

10. Hives abuzz with life (Dharamaitra’s endeavour to conserve rock bees in vidarbha region)

Farrukh Rahman Khan

11. Bio-diversity conservation programe of RASTA

Danesh kumar

12. Mimicing nature at Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

Suprabha seshan

14. Experiences at BABLI

Bikram Sen & Neela sen

16. Conserving dometsic animal biodiversity in India

Saket  Bhushan

18. Mobilising farmers to save biodiversity

Bharat Dogra

19. Women in Biodiversity conservation

Judith Daniel

21. Community Biodiversity Registry : a tool for empowering people

Green foundation

22. The Narayana Reddy Column : bio-diversity for sustainable agriculture

23. Truly our seed Mother

24. a adsh of colour in the paddy plains of Chattisgarh

Tejinder S. Bhogal

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