Resilient crop – Livestock System – December 2021 – Issue 23.4


Small farmers deal with meagre means and resources. Further they are caught in fragile eco systems

vulnerable to climate variances. They constantly grapple with climate and markets – both unpredictable in their own way. Being pushed into growing only cash crops, often, farmer’s own family’s well being in terms of access to balanced nutrition is given a low priority. It is always a challenge to improve small farmer livelihoods, enabling them to get better nutrition and incomes.

It is well recognised worldwide that production efficiencies based on linear models are  inappropriate for agroecological farms. Agroecological models are fundamentally interconnected in terms of resource flows between components. However, we need to recognise that it is farmer who is taking the risk – constantly looking at his farm in terms of investments made and the assured returns.

An attempt has been made in this issue to illustrate how farmers could create useful linkages between components like crops and livestock, practically, to optimise resource use and get improved incomes. Also, showcased is an example of how sustainable relationships are created between different communities – pastoralists and farmers.

Hope these examples inspire farming communities to try out and development agencies to support further such initiatives. As readers and authors, you have been the driving force in helping us promote alternative approaches in a deeply positive and practical way. Please continue your exemplary support in the future too.

Wishing all our readers a very Happy New Year!


6. Chatacterization of mixed farms

11. Integrated farming in small holder farms for livelihood and nutritional secutiry

Kathiresan Ramanathan

16. Integrated Farming system

Mawsiatkhnam KVK East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

19. In the news

22. A journey towards integrating dairy

Archana Bhatt, Raveendran and Abdulla Habeen

25. Traversing through the traditional agro-pastoral systems in India

Rituja Mitra and Sahith

28. Cactus – An emerging fodder alternative

I.I. Hugar

31. Farmer Diary

32. New Books

33. Sources

34. Farm integration returns more

J. Krishnan


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