Regional food systems – Sept 2011 – Issue 13.3

Local food systems are once again gaining attention, both at the national as well as the global level, not just for the several benefits it can offer, but for the growing realisation that it is the only way for the survival of the planet. Several problems that our country is facing today – food insecurity, rising food prices, hunger, malnutrition, loss of biodiversity, is firmly rooted in the way we produce and consume our food. It’s time to rethink, reeducate, and regrow our food system, which is healthy and sustainable. There are a number of practical solutions already available. In this issue, we have made an attempt to present some of them through field experiences where local communities have built a sustainable local systems of food production and consumption.

Editorial – Regional Food Systems

How will we stop Hunger? Local efforts or global systems?

P V Satheesh

Supporting locally determined food systems: The role of local organizations in farming, environment and people’s access to food

Michel Pimbert

Promoting a diverse food culture through people’s initiatives:
Campaign on food sovereignty in Mayurbhanj

Seema Prasanth

Regional Food Systems: Ensuring food security and genetic diversity

Suman Sahai

Regional seed systems in the Malnad: Preserving food security the traditional way

Tuula Rebhahn

Challenges of moving towards a food sovereignty perspective:
A realistic vision or flight of fancy?


Bringing back millets into food systems

Vijay Jardari

Village level gene seed grain bank: An initiative to promote sustainable food and nutrition security

Alok Kumar Badoghar

The Narayana Reddy Column: Go local – reduce food miles

New Books – Regional Food Systems

Sources – Regional Food Systems

Food wastage – A social evil and a criminal act!

V Rajagopal

Seeds of empowerment


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