Recycling resources in agroecological farms – June 2019 Issue 21.2



Agroecological approaches are based on closing the cycles, reusing and recycling resources. These approaches not only help in productively utilizing ‘farm wastes’, recycling nutrients,  minimizing investments, reducing farm expenses, and improving net incomes. While these approaches  make farming more profitable, they also serve as emulatable models for several addressing several challenges concurrently – improving productivity, increasing farm incomes, minimizing harmful emissions and better capture and utilization of soil carbon. In true integrated approaches, the outputs from one enterprise serve as inputs for another enterprise- like crop residues as source for composting; excreta as food and manure for another enterprise.

Moreover, they are simple, affordable and doable. We are grateful to all those who shared these inspiring examples.

We remain indebted to all the contributors of articles who keep the content relevant and interesting. We are forever  thankful to the readers, the contributors and all those who have been instrumental in knowledge sharing and exchange on simple and practical alternatives which is further fostering field level adaptation and innovation.

4. Editorial

6. Recycling resources – Path to sustainable living

Jasbir Sandhu and Shivananda Matapati

9. Bhoomi Sudha – Recycling biomass for enhanced soil fertility

Bikash Das, Pradip Kumar Sarkar, Mahesh Kumar Dhakar, Sushanta Kumar Naik, Sudarshan Maurya, Priya Ranjan Kumar, Shivendra Kumar, Arun Kumar Singh, B P Bhatt

13. Microbes – Facilitating resource recycling

Dhananjaya P Singh and Renu

16. Agroecology – Towards climate resilient food systems

Ranchitha Kumaran and Bhaskarabhatta Joshi

19. Small farms can be profitable

Nidhi Jamwal

22. Fuel from farm waste

Anand Karve

25. Farmers Diary – Sustainable production and Collective marketing – A way out for farmers

26. In the news

29. Converting waste into valuable resources – Experiences from organic home gardens

Suresh Kanna K

31. New Books

32. Sources

33. Recycling for resource efficiency – A practical model for up scaling

Anithakumari P and Induja S



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