Post harvest management – September 2004 – Issue 6.3

4 From field to market

5 Themes for LEISA India

6 Taking human beings into account
Dave O’Neill

8 Indigenous practices of post harvest storage among tribal communities of central India
Hasrat Arjjumend

10. Indigenous grain storage structures
Geeta Channal, Shobha Nagnur and Channamma Nanjayyanamath

11. Women enshrine traditional paddy storage practices
Sumita Roy and Manoshi Baruah Deka

12 Indigenous post harvest management technologies
M. Natarajan and Santha Govind

13 Traditional storage structures still going strong

14 Avoiding bruchid infestation in stored beans
Sindi Kasambala and Hendry A. Mziray

15 ECOVIR: a farmers’ enterprise
Miguel Fernández and Tania Vásquez

17. Post harvest management of Rice: Navdanya’s experience
Vinod Kumar Bhatt

18 Improving cassava processing for the market
Quirien van Oirschot, Theresia Ngendello and Andrew Westby

21 Dall Mill improves nutritional security in Mentapalli
Sreenath Dixit, SP Wani and Ch Ravinder Reddy

22 Turning their backs to hunger
Aghan Daniel

24 Improving dairy products and market links
Sonia Pezo and Daniel Rodríguez

27 Caring for the harvest: back to basics
Ramon A. Diño

28 Handling and storage of leafy vegetables
Paul B. Okon, A. E. Uko and Uche C Amalu

29. Indigenous rural transportation: a farmer’s innovation
S. Anandkumar and S. Kumarakurubaran

31 The Narayana Reddy Column:Post harvest management

32 Sources

33 New books

34 Networking

36 Reviving local food culture in Andhra Pradesh
Michel Pimbert

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