Next generation farmers – June 2004- Issue 6.2

4.  A new generation of farmers

5.  Themes for the LEISA India

6.  Youth and rural livelihoods
Kevin Waldie

9.  Promoting rural livelihood opportunities to rural youth
B. Jagadish

10. Role models for the young to stay in farming


11. Growing up in the REAL world
Andrew Barlett and Maurut Jatiket

14. Improving farming systems by involving youth
A Zaman

15. Rediscovering cultural roots: children and biodiversity in the Andes
Elena Pardo Castillo and Rocio Achahui Quenti

18. The Pathfinder Academy
Joshua Machinga

19. Preparing the next generation farmers through vocational education
Nikku Balaraju and Dharmana Tata Rao

21. Wild plants: a gift from Mother Nature

Hanny.L, Van de Lande

22. Children and the red hairy caterpillar offensive
K. Suresh Kanna and G. Ravikumar

24 Young farmers in Europe:opting for innovation
Sabine de Rooij

27 .Namma Dhwani: our voices
John Anthony

30 .The Narayana Reddy Column:The next generation farmers

31. Networking

33. Sources

34. New books

35. Building a future in organic agriculture
Eric Mwaura

36. LEISA India survey results

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