Monocultures towards sustainability – December 2000- Issue 2.4

4. Monocultures towards Sustainablity


6. Monocropping : Boon or bane

Virendar S. Khatana and Prabhat kumar

8. Sustaining the green revolution by resource conserving technologies : the Rice wheat Consortium’s example

peter R. hobbs, raj gupta, J.K. Ladha and Larry Harrington

11. No-tillage rice wheat cultivation : The one straw revolution

Chris Evans

12. Update on the System of Rice Intensification

Norman Uphoff

12. genetic diversity and disease control in rice

Duncan Macintosh

13. Cultural and Socio-economic dimensions of paddy Cultiavtion in Kalahandi district

S.N. Mishra and M.M Hossain

14. Seed Priming – for increased vigour, vialbility and productivity of upland rice

Usha C. Thomas and others

15. Ecologising rice-based systems in Bangladesh

Marco Barzman and Luther Das

17. Organic cotton : the experience of family farmers from Taua, brazil

Pedro Jorge B.F. Lima and Teogenes Senna Oliveira

19. Groundnut and cotton : the experience of family farmers from Taua, brazil

S Balaji Rao, S S kandagal, H Lanting

21. Crop associations : the Cuban response to scarcity of inputs

Maria de los Angeles Pino and Humberto Rios Labrada

22. Conversion to organic farming : a project approach from China

Johanna Pennarz

23. From Sugarcane monoculture monoculture to agro-ecological village

Lindsey Mulkins and colleagues

25. Mahaweli settlers in Sri Lanka diversity their farms using Farm planning

alice de jonge

27. Evaluating the sustainability of integrated peasantry systems. the MESMIS framework

santiago Lopez-Ridaura, Omar masera and Marta Astier

30. The Narayana Reddy Column : give up monocultures, move to Polycultures

L. Narayana Reddy

31. Sources, networking, new in print

36. studies on desi cotton  based intercropping under dryland conditions

R Naganagouda and others


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