Millet farming systems – March 2023 – Issue 25.1

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Millets have finally arrived on the global scene. With 2023 being declared as the International Year of Millets, by the United Nations, the spotlight is on millets. While half a billion people across the globe consume millets as a traditional food, it has taken decades, for it to get its due recognition. Thanks to the efforts of Indian government, which proposed the declaration of International Year.

With the announcement of the International Year of Millets, there has been a lot of programmes and initiatives driven to promote millet production, processing and value addition. The support will go a long way in making communities revive and restore the lost millets in the production and on the plates. Evidences show that when promotion is done on a mission mode and with the government support, there is lot that could be achieved. Odisha millet mission is one such inspiring example. However, caution need to be exercised to see that the millet crops are not be commercialised to such an extent that it ceases to be a poorman’s crop, anymore. While focusing on improving productivity, one should not lose the enormous crop diversity that we possess, presently in millets.

Hope you find this issue interesting. Continue to share your experiences on millets, as we too would love to celebrate the Year of millets, by sharing your experiences all round the year. We await your feedback and also request you to continue to support the programme, as before.

4. Editorial

6. Women-led institutions reviving millet cropping systems in Odisha

Ranchitha Sivaram and Sangeeta Behera

11. Millets Seed System – An experience from Odisha millets Mission

Susanta Sekhar Choudhury, Biswa Sankar Das, Pulak Ranjan Nayak, Abhishek Pradhan, Bikash Das

17. Farmers conserve rare species of kodo millets

R.K.Prajapati, B. S. Kirar and Yogranjan

19. In the news

22. Revival of millets – Ensuring food and nutritional security

Ravi Shankar Behera

25. Millet production – A mutual learning experience


27. New Books

28. Sources

29. Revival of millets in North East India

Prabal Sen, Patrick Hansda, Pradipta Kishore Chand and  Haridas VR

33. Decentralized small millet processing

Dwiji Guru

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