Managing water for sustainable farming – Sept 2010 – Issue 12.3

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There is an increasing recognition and concern that water as a scarce and vital resource needs to be carefully conserved, judiciously utilized and effectively managed. In agriculture, where water use is the highest, it is linked to food security, economic well being as well as ecological stability. Improper management of this resource also erodes the other natural resources such as soil and biodiversity. While it becomes the limiting factor in several contexts, in certain other situations, communities have to manage nature’s wrath in terms of recurring floods. There are several specific traditional as well as local alternatives and communities of practice. Some of them are included in this issue.


Oases of productivity
A case of small scale watershed development
K Raghavendra Rao

The role of a local committee in changing times
Irrigation management in the Himalayas
Nilhari Neupane and Gopal Datt Bhatta

Learning from traditional social institutions
STS Reddy, NV Hiremath, Raja Mohammad and Ashok Alur

Communities revive traditional water springs
Rakesh Prasad

Land grabs are cheap deals for rich countries
Interview with Anuradha Mittal

Living with floods
Adaptive strategies of local communities

Communities cope with flooding situation with Gaota
Sukanta Sen and Fahmid Al Zaid

Some field initiatives

Running water uphill with a ram pump
Auke Idzenga

Modern Holland: built on centuries-old system
Frank van Schoubroeck

Integrated small scale water resources management
in Maharashtra
R.C.Kote and S.M. Wagle

The Narayana Reddy Column
Humus – key to soil water conservation


New Books

Farming without pumps
Shree Padre

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