Living Soils – June 2008 – Issue 10.2

4 Editorial

7 Reclaiming earthly smell and livelihoods –SVARAJ’s experience
L C Nagaraj

9 Cover crops do it all
Máximo Ochoa and Pedro J Oyarzun

11 Green manures: Nature’s gift to improve soil fertility
Arulanandam Vakeesan, Tharshani Nishanthan and Gunasingham Mikunthan

13 Indigenous soil management to revive below ground biodiversity – case of Garhwal
Shalini Misra, R K Maikhuri and Deepak Dhyani

15 Talking soil science with farmers
Pablo Tittonell, Michael Misiko and Isaac Ekise

18 Farmers’ parameters for assessing soil fertility in semiaridregions
B Suresh Reddy

20 Rejuvenating soils with innovative farming approaches

21 Vermicomposting for building soil fertility
A S Ninawe

22 Traditional night-soil composting continues to bring benefits
Santaram S Oinam

23 Changing attitudes to night-soil in Tanzania
Patrick Mwalukisa

25 Microbial wealth regulates crop quality and soil health
D P Singh and H B Singh

27 Implications of genetically engineered crops on soil fertility
Amitava Rakshit, N C Sarkar, D Sen and R K Maity

28 Sustainable agriculture in the news: International study stresses role of farmers
Janice Jiggins

29 The Narayana Reddy Column Effective microorganisms for ecological agriculture during transition

30 Farmers Diary The Living Soil
Madhu Ramakrishnan

31 Sources

32 Networking

33 Books

34 Building healthy soils organically
K Raghavendra Rao

35 Themes for LEISA India

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