Learning with Farmer Field Schools – March 2003 – Issue 5.1

4 FFS: beyond the rice field

5 Fundamentals of Farmer Fields Schools– a cotton IPM FFS as an example
Prabhat Kumar

7 PTD practitioners – back to school? Rik Thijssen

8 Field schools for Kenyan dairy farmers
B. Minjauw, H.G. Muriuki and D. Romney

11 Fundamentals of Farmer Field Schools– a cotton IPM FFS as an example
B . Vijaya Lakshmi, G Ravi Kumar, S Pattabhiraman and Daniel Anand Raj

14 Community forest management and FFS
Hukum Singh

17 Evaluation in FFS:A burden or a blessing?
Kim Groeneweg and Jorge Chavez Tafur

19 Picturing impact!
John Pontius

23 The greening of Self Help Groups
Seema Tripathi and Shiraz Wajih

25 Gender field schools
Mansour Fakih

27 Towards self-financed Farmer Field Schools
James R. Okoth, Godrick S. Khisa and Thomas Julianus

29 FFS for tree crops
James Mangan and Margaret S. Mangan

31 The Narayana Reddy Column Learning by Practicing
L. Narayana Reddy

32 Sources

34 Websites

35 Books

36 Visit to Central America
Themes for Leisa India

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