Healthy Produce, People and Environment – September 2007 – Issue 9.3

4 Editorial

6 Millets for food, nutrition and health security
S. Swain and N. R. Parida

8 The revival of an ancient crop
Joshua Spetter and Lisa Thompson

10 Beating malnutrition with local crops and local food systems
Hira Jhamtani, Purnomosidi and Putu Anggia Jenny

12 Back to traditional farming systems – a case of Monpa tribes
Mihin Dollo

13 “Village in the City”: Healthy vegetables in Trivandrum
G.S. Unni Krishnan Nair

15 Health concerns drive safe vegetable production in Vietnam
Luke Simmons and Steffanie Scott

17 Reviving local health knowledge for self reliance in primary health care
P.M. Unnikrishnan and G. Hariramamurthi

19 Fighting AIDS with traditional foods and organic practices
Sarah Kaschula and Kathy Arbuckle

22 Women enjoy better health by recycling farm – Experience of Gram Vikas
Pradeep Kumar Mohapatra

23 Recycling nutrients for better soil and human health
R.C. Sasidharan Nair

25 The Narayana Reddy Column Healthy farmers and healthy environment

26 It’s time to ban highly hazardous pesticides
Stephen Sherwood, Donald Cole and Douglas Murray

28 Health damages due to pesticide use – a study
P. Indira Devi

29 Bringing agriculture and health workers together
Linda Jo Stern, Scott Killough, Ross Borja, Stephen Sherwood, Nina Hernidiah, Paul Joicey and Peter R. Berti

32 Sources

34 Networking

35 New Books

36 Forthcoming themes

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