Healthy Horticulture – September 2021 – Issue 23.3


Fruits and vegetables are dietary necessities. They have multiple health benefits, including the strengthening of the immune system. But to provide all the health benefits, it is also important that fruits and vegetables are produced in a healthy manner, following agro ecological approaches. Promoting healthy diets to strengthen our immune systems is especially important during the current pandemic situation. Besides health benefits, cultivating fruits and vegetables can contribute to a better quality of life for family farmers and their communities. This needs wider awareness and we hope it is created as we celebrate the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV) during 2021.

While focusing on production, it is important that we stop wastage too, as fruits and vegetables are highly perishable. A great extent of fruits and vegetables produced are lost in the supply chain between harvest and consumption. COVID-19 has demonstrated the feasibility of short and inclusive value chains as a way to provide better market opportunities for family farmers, through a number of initiatives.

In this issue, we have included experiences of farmers and institutions that are practicing and promoting agroecological approaches in producing fruits and vegetables that are safe for consumption. Also included are experiences of farmer collectives in value addition and marketing initiatives. We look forward to your feedback, as always. We remain deeply indebted to you all for your commitment to promotion of LEISA.

4. Editorial

6. Healthy horticulture for wealthy life – A Sri Lankan scenario

Kandiah Pakeerathan

11. Nutri-gardens – A rich source of nutrition for farm women

Preeti Mamgai, Pankaj Nautiyal and Renu Jethi

14. Kanjikuzhi – Kerala’s first chemical-free vegetable-sufficient panchayat

Tanya Abraham

16. Bhaskar Save – The Gandhi of Natural Farming

Bharat Mansata

20. Organic Dragon fruit production

Gopi Karelia

23. In the news

25. International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021

28. Highland agriculture in the hands of women

Lidia Paz Hidalgo

31. New Books

32. Sources

33. Wadi – Enhancing livelihoods, nutrition and environment

Yogesh G. Sawant, Rakesh K. Warrier and Rajesh B. Kotkar




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