Farming with nature – December 2004 – Issue 6.4

4 Farming with nature

7 Farming with the wild
Daniel Imhoff and Jo Ann Baumgartner

10 CPR-centred farming in the mountains –  A role model for the World
Vir Singh

12 Indigenous honeybees: allies for mauntain farmers Farooq Ahmad, Uma Partap, S.R. Joshi and
M.B. Gurung

14 The Talamanca Initiative
Diego Lynch

17 Cultivating wetlands in Bangladesh
A.H.M. Rezaul Haq, Tapan Kumar Ghosal and Pritam Ghosh

20 Water Hyacinth – a friendly input in eco-system
N.K. Mohan

21 Homestead agroforestry system

Nisha Aravind, N.R. Gangadharappa, S. Ganesamoorthy and Simi Ibrahim

22 Pangalengan farmers: friends of the forest
Samwel Wandera

23 Themes for LEISA India

24 Holistic management of African rangelands
Constance L. Neely and Jody Butterfield

27 Vayals: a traditional classification of agricultural landscapes
G. Girigan, N. Anil Kumar and V. Arivudai Nambi

29 The Narayana Reddy Column : Eco-agriculture

30 New books

31 Sources

33 Networking

35 Suman Sangam – a journey to an ecological farm
Sanjeev Kulkarni

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