Farming in the Forest – Integrated Agriculture – September 2000 – Issue 2.3

4. Editorial

5. Indigenous Fallow Management

Dennis P. Garrity and Chun K. Lai

7.Buhid shifting cultivators adapt land use

Chris Erni

9.The Ikalahan: towards sustainable forest use                         

Delbert Rice

12.Analog forestry: an alternative to ‘clear and simplify’
Ranil Senanayake

14.Monoculture or polyculture?

Sabirin and Hamdan

15. Integrated agriculture-towards food, financial and ecological security 

Dilip chinnakonda

18. Combating Drought in Rajasthan through the watershed Approach

B K kakade

19. Addition in Tradition – Agroforestry in the Arid Zone of India

Arun . K Sharma and R K Goyal

21. Intensive Framing system for smei Arid region : today’s Indispensable venture

C. Ganeche, c. Swaminathan and K. Vairavan

23. Oasis in the Desert : An Inspiring case of integrated farming by Mr. Chidambaram

R K samanta, C. Manivannan, P. Mathialagan

25. Barah anaaj – tweleve food grains : traditional mixed farming system

Vijay Zhardhari

26. cultivation of medicinal plants as mixed crops in malenadu region : a study

Keshav H horse

27. Integrated agriculture in Karnataka – the need of the hour

K. Shiva Shankar

28. Integrating the concerns on intellectual property Rights

Ghate Utkarsh and P V Satheesh

30. The Narayana Reddy Column Monocropping and monolivestock systems are not sustainable

L. Narayana reddy

31. Vrkshayurveda experiments Linking ancient text and farmers’ practices

A V Balasubramanian, K. Vijayalakshmi, Subhasini Sridhar and S. Arumugasamy

35. If you want to know more, Networking, New in print

40. call for contributions

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