Farming Diversity – March 2009 – Issue 11.1

4 Editorial

5 Theme overview – Small-scale farmers:
The key to preserving diversity

8 Diversified Farming Systems – Learning from past to move into future
Ardhendu Chatterjee

11 Diversity and efficiency: The elements of ecologically intensive agriculture
Fernando Funes-Monzote, Santiago López-Ridaura and Pablo TittonellShiraz A. Wajih

13 Small farmers move towards diversification
N. Lalitha, J. Diraviam and Arun Balamatti

15 Food sufficiency through diversified farming – A case of a small farmer
Anita Singh

16 Successful Tree Establishment and the Revival of Traditional Agroforestry
Arun K Sharma

18 Sharing knowledge on agrodiversity for conservation and livelihood improvement
Luohui Liang and Harold Brookfield

21 Traditional Wisdom of Apatanis – a way to sustainable wet rice cultivation
Manish Kanwat, Suresh Kumar. P, M. Singh and R. Bhagawati

22 Indigenous farming system of Adi tribes: Source of food, nutrition and medicine
S. K. Sarangi

24 Sustainable farming system for balanced ecosystems
Vikram S. Negi and R. K. Maikhuri

25 Underutilised trees offer hope for tribal communities
Abhay Gandhe and Arun Dolke

27 Farmers Diary – Mr Bairwa’s diverse farm
Veena Vidyadharan and M.K. Tiwari

28 The Narayana Reddy Column – Diversified farming systems

29 New Books

30 Sources

32 Networking

33 Living the sustainable life: Managing a dryland family farm
Aspen Edge

36 Sustainable agriculture in the news
European ban on pesticides opens door to alternative

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