Farming and Social Inclusion – September 2008 – Issue 10.3

6 Addressing the conditions for getting out of poverty
Sílvio Gomes de Almeida, Paulo Petersen, AdrianaGalvão Freire and Luciano Silveira

8 From exclusion to empowerment –women of Siddi community
Aga Khan Development Network

11 Women break down barriers in Mali
Jonas Wanvoeke, Rosaline Maiga Dacko, Kalifa Yattara and Paul Van Mele

13 Empowerment of Soliga tribes                                                                                                                                                  M. Jadegowda and M.N Ramesh

15 Building human capital of small scale farmers: a Coalition approach
Ch Ravinder Reddy, Ashok S Alur, Belum V S Reddy, P. ParthasarathyRao, CLL Gowda and R Ratnakar

17 Including the poor through participatory action process
Chandrashekhar S. Hunshal and A.T. Patil

18 Themes for LEISA India

19 Caring for the caregivers in Mozambique
Simon Mukwaya

20 People with learning difficulties develop confidence through care farming
Natasha van Dijk

22 Visually impaired students grow better maize
Humphrey Nkonde

23 Natural conservationists: struggle and success
Rajesh Paudel

24 Home gardens are within reach of marginalised people
Rojee Suwal, Bimal Raj Regmi, Bhuwon Sthapit and Arjina Shrestha

25 The Free Farmers Union and their fight for land
Abdul Syukur and Ngadiyono

27 Villages join hands to combat land degradation
Sanjay Joshie

28 Learning from an effort to scale up local successes
Shiva Khanal

29 The Narayana Reddy Column – Ensuring livelihood for poor farmers

30 Communities of Faith and Action

32 New Books

33 Sources

35 Networking

36 LEISA Enthusiasts Meet in North India
Meeting of Minds – Exchange of Experiences

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