Farmers as Entrepreneurs – June 2009 – Issue 11.2

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6 For these women, money does grow on (neem) trees
P. A Chaya

8 Adding value to local livelihoods
Kheuavanh Pommathat and Stuart Ling

10 Rural livelihoods – using value chains
Srikantha Shenoy TV

13 Adding value to life
Robert Leo and Mathew John

15 Bees, trade – and success
Verina Ingram

18 Empowering women with efficient technologies
R Prabha

20 In focus: Climate debate can’t ignore small farmers
Pandurang Hegde

21 Plenty of fruit, but also plenty of hurdles
Anders P. Pedersen

23 Eco tourism – an emerging rural enterprise
Inir Pinheiro

26 Market Access Centres make the difference
Benoît Thierry and Emeline Schneider

27 Value addition – key to better incomes
Utkarsh Ghate

28 Supportive policies secure a future for family farmers
Sofia Naranjo

31 The Narayana Reddy Column – Rural entreprenuership

32 New Books

33 Sources

35 Networking

36 Sustainable agriculture in the news
UN: Agriculture is part of the solution


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