Farmers and markets – June 2013 – Issue 15.2

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Small scale farmers have traditionally been growing local foods on a subsistence level. The advent of new technologies led to increased production and the surpluses were being marketed primarily in the local markets. But the opening-up of the economy to global players and changing consumer food demands has had disastrous effects – agriculture became more market oriented, farmers lost control over their food systems to big agri-businesses and local foods got replaced by globally tradable commodities.

In such situations, a number of market models and institutions have been emerging for small farmers. This issue of LEISA India focuses on such local alternatives which enable small farmers to get higher share in the consumer price.

Editorial – Farmers and markets

Farmer producer organisations – Enhancing farmers share in the consumer price

R Sanjeev , R S S Hopper , P Nandeesa

Linking markets for better incomes

B Anuradha , L Uday Kiran , Sreenath Dixit , K A Gopinath

Rythu Bazaars – The alternative marketing channel

Subhendu Dey

Harvesting happiness from wastelands

Puspalata Pani

“We need to support what farmers are already doing”

Laura Eggens

Devpasli – A tribal farmers cooperative

A K Chourasia , Meena Gokhale , Raghvendra Dubey , Arvind Patel

Participatory Guarantee Systems – Making organic certification more accessible for small scale farmers

Flavia Castro , Cornelia Kirchner

Forest Roots Network – Strengthening links between producers and consumers

Nina Abigail Caligiorne Cruz , Fabricio Vassalli Zanelli , Heitor Mancini Teixeira , Irene Maria Cardoso

Return of the Desi Rice

Seema G Prasad

The Narayana Reddy Column: Its time to look for local alternatives

New books


Group Farming: A community farming initiative

Seema Gupta , Ganesh Parida

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