Farmer Innovation : Creativity in sustainablity – June 2000 – Issue 2.2

4. Editorial

5 Forging parterneships with innovative farmers in Tranzania

O.T. Kibwana

8. How communities assess local innovators

Yohannanes Gebre michael

9. Sowing maize in pits

Anderson temu et al

11. Innovation by Tunisian women in dryland farming

Noureddine nasr et al.

12. Three models of extension by farmer innovators

Aly Ouedraogo and Hamado Sawadogo

14. Famer experiementation : a challenge to all!

Henri Hocde, David Meneses and Bron Miranda

17. Gafsa regional radio

Noureddine Nasr et al.


Ann Waters-Bayer

20. Grassroots angel for survival

Anil. K Gupta

22. Guardian angle for grasswoots innovators

N. Harikrishna

23. Farmers’ knowledge and innovations in developing dry land agriculture

Dr. Prakash T.N. and Dr. Tejaswini

26. Sharing creativity and innovations in sustainable agriculture

N. Harikrishna

28. The National Innovation Foundation, India

29. Innovation through participation : a case study

Rajiv kumar and Rajiv Kumar Gupta

31. Farmers’ innovations – land to lab approach for technology development

james T.J., Bobby Issac , Meera Jose

33. Farmer’ innovations in potato storage : A case of Malwa tract of Madhya Pradesh

V.S. Khatana, P.S. Dahiya and S.G. Ilangantileke

35. Drip Irrigation : Improvisations at farm level

Kavitha , P and R. vijayaraghavan

37. Harnessing the wyas of water

N. Harikrishna

37. A Simple dveice for preparing comb foundtaion sheets

S.S. Thakur

38. Collaborative action for controlling Red hairy Caterpillar attacke in Chittoor, A.P.

Jayesh Ranjan

40. The Narayana Reddy Column – Dissemination of farmers’ innovations

L. Narayana Reddy

40. New institution on the horizon – ADITI

41. If you want it know more

43. New in Print

44. women challenge cultural norms

Mamusha lemma, Fetien Abay and Ann Waters-Bayer

44. call for contributors


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