Ecological pest management – December 2007 – Issue 9.4

4 Editorial

6 Pest management: The art of mimicking nature
Mans Lanting

8 Ecological pest management for emerging pest problems
Bikramjit Sinha, Randhir Singha and Dhrupad Choudhury

10 Traditional ecological management of late blight in potato
Shantanu Kumar, Uma Sah and P.H. Singh

11 The theory of trophobiosis in pest and disease control
Maria José Guazzelli, Laércio Meirelles, Ricardo Barreto, André Gonçalves, Cristiano Motter and Luis Carlos Rupp

13 Silent services of ‘winged beauties’ in agriculture
C.K. Vishnudas

15 Rats: An ecologically-based approach for managing a global problem
Steven R. Belmain

17 Our experiences with modified Farmer Field Schools in dryland areas
Arun Balamatti and Rajendra Hegde

19 Changing the strategies of Farmer Field Schools in Bangladesh
Hein Bijlmakers and Muhammad Ashraful Islam

22 Learning eco-friendly ways of managing pests
Anitha Pailoor

24 Integrated pest control for empowering women farmers
Hery Christanto

26 Ecofriendly practices assist in controlling coconut mite
A. Vakeesan and G. Mikunthan

27 Keeping the brown plant hopper at bay with SRI
K. Rajukkannu, P. Ramadass and J. Jecitha

28 Farmer innovation for managing pests
Anandkumar .S and Ancy .R.J

29 Traditional plant protection management practices of Rajasthan
Arun Kumar

30 Farmer’s diary: Ecological pest management
Madhu Ramakrishnan

31 Traditional methods in cattle health management
Gangadhara Nayak

32 Multiple strategies on an organic farm in the Netherlands
Hans Peter Reinders

35 The Narayana Reddy Column Eco friendly practices and cost effective pest management

36 Sources

38 Networking

39 Books

40 ‘LEISA Enthusiasts’ Meet – Building possible ‘Alliances’

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