Ecological livestock – Sept 2017 – Issue 19.3

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Livestock is the most critical and underestimated component of sustainable rural livelihoods. It provides multiple benefits. It enhances the household nutritional access – in the form of milk, meat, eggs etc. It provides resilience by serving as ready ’ATM’s in critical times. Livestock provides the critical link in eco friendly farming systems – in manure production, in crop protection. eg. use of cow dung for manurial purposes and urine for preparation of biologicals.  The value of local breeds, in terms of their resilience, low cost of maintenance, is simply ignored. Also, the industrial mode of livestock management with high volumes and hidden subsidies, the large scale ecological damage they cause, is not discussed enough.

This issue puts together some of the ground experiences which are sustainable. These experiences reflect the rich biodiversity… the opportunity they offer to lessen environmental damage, for sustainable futures. It is extremely difficult and challenging to put together working alternatives. For this, we are extremely grateful to those who contribute articles, creating new hope and visibility to unsung initiatives.

4 Editorial

6 Pashu Sakhi – An alternative livestock extension approach
Sanjeev Kumar

9 Local practices conserve livestock breeds
P Vivekanandan

12 About climate, meat and markets – High time to move towards agroecology and food sovereignty

15 Gender and policies in livestock production – Issues and opportunities
M Manjula, R Rengalakshmi and K Thachinamurthy

17 Livestock rearing in the Indian context
Kamal Kishore

20 Present practice and advice on feeding cattle – Are they sustainable?
S Rajeshwaran

22 Livestock – The engine and inspiration of mountain economy
R K Maikhuri, L S Rawat, P C Phondani, Ajay Maletha and Y M Bahuguna

25 Local communities, livestock and livelihoods
Amandeep Singh and Pranav Kumar

27 Sustaining farm ecology and economy by integrating livestock
Suresh Kanna K

30 Cattle shed management for better soil health
Sujan Amgai and Salik Ram Paudel

32 New Books

33 Sources

34 Pastoral Parliament – A platform to be heard and seen
Monika Agarwal and Jessica Duncan


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