Documentation for Change – March 2006 – Issue 8.1

4. Editorial

6. Documenting successes from the people’s university

8. Documentation of animal genetic resources-LIFE method
Ilse Kohler – Rollefson and Hanwamt Simgh Rathore

11.  Learning through writing
Paul Van Mele

13. Building Documentation and Communication capacities
K V S Prasad and T M Radha

16. Out of heads and onto paper
Paul Mundy, Evelyn Mathias and Isaac Bekalo

18. LEISA systematization process
Marta Madariaga and Marcos Easdale

21. Our participation in the systematization process
Teresa Santiago and Maximo Garcia

22. Participatory Action Learning in practice: Experience of ANANDI
Linda Mayoux, Jahnvi Andharia, Neeta Hardikar, Sumitra Thacker and Sejal Dand

24. Documentation: an effective tool in FFS
Eefie den Belder, Martin Garcia and Don Jansen

Belder and Garcia

28. Listening to individual voices
Siobham Warrington

31. New technologies support farmers documentationP
Anne Piepenstock , Orlando Arratia, Luis Carlos aguilar

33. Participatory video as a documentation tool
Chris Lunch

35. Field staff and programme documentation
M N Kulkarni

36.  The Encyclopedia of sustainability
Tamara Mohr

39. Building on experience through documentation
Suma TS

40. Call for articles

41. Strengthening agro ecological innovation networks
Adriana Galvao Freire, Paulo Petersen, Luciano Marcal da Silveira, Manoel Roberval da Silva

43. Learning with innovation histories
Boru Douthwaite, Alok Sikka, Rasheed Sulaiman, John Best and John Grant

45. Learning together from our experiences
Doug Reeler

47. Farmers Dairy : using Paper as mulch
Vinayala Rao  B R

48. Documenting agroecology-a competition in BrazilP
Fransisco Roberto Caporal

50. The Narayana Reddy Column : Documenting farmers knowledge

51. New books

52. Sources

54. Networking

56. Visit our website


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