Coping with Disaster – March 2001 – Issue 3.1

4. Resilience to disaster


6. Out of balance. Resilience in farm level food security

Astrid Bjornsen and Prem Gurung

8. Farmers’ responses to reduce the risks of drought

Owen Shumba

10. Trees for semi-nomadic farmers : a key to resilience

Stephen Connelly and Nikky Wilson

12. Agro Eco System Analysis for profitable paddy cultivation

Daniel Anand Raj and P.A. Ignacy

14. It’s time to celebrate the spirit of the African farmer!

Nigel Marsh

15. Empowerment mobilisation for effective women’s development

Raju Sharma

16. Far from all oil palm turmoil

Gabriela Uran, Dina Hartono and Rik Thijssen

18. Measuring farmers agroecological resistance to hurricane Mitch

Eric Holt- Gimenez

21. Reducing food poverty with sustainable agriculture : new evidence

Jules Pretty and Rachel Hine

22. Supporting community seed multiplication. the ‘Rescue from the Pot’ project

Ivan Kent and Samuel P. Mokuwa

24. Survival to Sustainability : Pragathi Mahila Samakhya’s case

Y Ramesh and Y D Naidu

26. The Narayana Reddy Column

L Narayana Reddy

27. Organic cotton to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS

Sam Page

29. Contributions

30. Networking

31. Sustainable agriculture to combat Global Warming

Jules Pretty and Andrew Ball

32. New in print

36. The moral failure of the European livestock industry

Coen Reijntjes

Themes for 2001

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