Combating Desertification – Dec 2012 – Issue 14.4

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Land degradation is not just the result of natural disasters. It is also the outcome of long-term over exploitation of natural resources and ecosystems, generated by the dominating approach to agricultural development. To address these problems, we cannot pursue the same ways of thinking that have led to this situation. We need to take a different perspective – which is already presenting itself.

A variety of experiences of farmers, NGOs and scientists over past decades has laid the basis for a new agricultural paradigm. A small selection of these experiences is presented in this issue of LEISA India. A central concept in this new paradigm is the resilience of farming communities and their ecosystems.

Editorial – Combating desertification

Rejuvenated landscape, rejuvenated lives

Watershed Organisation Trust

Managing drought for mitigating desertification

Sreenath Dixit

Sustaining livelihoods of desert communities

M.S. Sharma, Banwarilal, Rajashree Joshi, S.S. Roy and Waman Kulkarni

Loss in biodiversity with desertification in Arid Rajasthan


Interview with Chris Reij – Evidence of success

Jorge Chavez-Tafur

Development through Convergence – Enhancing rural livelihoods through Watershed Development

Suvarna Chandrappagari , D. Kalpana , N. Polappa

Trees on common lands – Protecting environment, improving livelihoods

R.K. Maikhuri , Deepak Dhyani , L. S. Rawat

Combat desertification – It’s time to act!

Amal Kar

Farmers Diary – Natural capital holds the key

L.C. Nagaraj

Systems approach to agriculture

Tamasin Ramsay

Trees are our life saviours

Narayana Reddy

New books


Improving livelihoods in dryland areas

P. G. Patil,B. K. Kakade , B. Shivarudrappa

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