Co-creation of knowledge – March 2016 – Issue 18.1


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There is increasing realisation worldwide that agroecological approaches is the solution for creating healthy and wealthy nations, providing adequate food, ecological stability and sustainable livelihoods.

Also, there is deep realisation that this knowledge is not entirely new – it has been available as wisdom in farmer communities, is transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary in nature, is not a top down solution, and most importantly, constantly evolving through local adaptation and innovation by farming communities and those closely working with them. This issue examines some of the enabling processes and working strategies for co-creation of and scaling up such knowledge.

International institutions like FAO are highlighting the importance of such processes through regional dialogues and making efforts to influence national policies for creating enabling conditions for this critical knowledge. Hopefully, this issue would inspire intensification of multistakeholder bottom up knowledge creation processes.

Editorial – Co-creation of knowledge

GyanerHaat – The knowledge shop
Faruk-Ul-Islam, Mohammad Kamrul Islam Bhuiyan, Saikat
Shubra Aich, A.M. Shamsuddula, Practical Action

Participatory Guarantee Systems- A platform for knowledge exchange
Cornelia Kirchner

Co-creating knowledge collectively
Nitya Sambamurti Ghotge

Interview: Victor M Toledo
“Agroecology is an epistemological revolution”
Diana Quiroz

Science Field Shops- Learning in response to climate change
Kees (C.J.) Stigter and Yunita T. Winarto

Farmer Field School-Building knowledge on the farm
Abhijit Mohanty and Ranjit Sahu

Participatory knowledge building
Vara Prasad Chittem

Co-creating the agricultural biodiversity that feeds us

New Books – Co-creation of knowledge

Sources – Co-creation of knowledge

Agroecology in Asia and the Pacific
A summary of outcomes of the regional consultation
T M Radha



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