Climate change and agroecological approaches – June 2017 – Issue 19.2

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There is increasing evidence that agroecological approaches help in coping with climate change. While we cannot stop the changes that are happening in our environment, we can adapt to the changing situations so that farm livelihoods, food production, our ecosystems and the nations health sustain for longer periods. Innovative farmers have shown various ways and means to tide over the crisis of unpredictable weather conditions. This issue puts together some of the ground experiences. Hope these experiences inspire many more to practise climate resilient agriculture.

This issue is published in collaboration with Agricultural Biodiversity Community (ABC), a knowledge initiative started in 2011. We are extremely thankful to MISEREOR for extending its support, encouraging us to continue in the service of knowledge exchange, through the magazine. However, beyond their support, we would require more resources to sustain this initiative. We seek your support, in large numbers, through voluntary contributions. To enable us to share a printed copy with you during the year 2017, kindly send your contributions along with the enclosed form. We have also opened up for advertisements that promote eco-friendly services, products and events. You can see the details inside the magazine.

4 Editorial

5 Building climate resilience
Seema Ravandale, Vinod Niranjan and Debashish Sen

10 Farmer innovations – Sustainable solutions to fight climate change
T J James and Stebin K

14 Crop planning – A tool for climate resilient food system
Anuradha Phadtare

17 People’s knowledge – Key for adaptation
R K Maikhuri, L S Rawat, V S Negi, Ajay Maletha, P C Phondani and P P Dhyani

21 Mud crab farming – An adaptation strategy
Krushna Chandra Sahu

23 Redesigning farming – A response to climate change
Suresh Kanna K

25 Developing climate resilient farming
Anshul Bhamra and Syed A A Ishaqi Farhan

28 Farmers Diary: Sustainable dairy farming with local breeds

29 New Books

30 Sources

31 Local knowledge, local solutions – Adapting to climate change
Sonali Bisht

34 Biodiversity builds resilience
Adhinarayanan R

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