Changing farming practices – June 2006 – Issue 8.2

4 Editorial

6 Cuba’s enforced ecological learning experience
Julia Wright

10 Input substitution or ecological agriculture?
Fernando Funes Monzote

11 Redefining Pest Management in agriculture
G. V. Ramanjaneyulu and Zakir Hussain

13 The transition process to ecological agriculture in Chiapas, Mexico
Teresa Santiago and Max Garcia

16 Beechenhill Farm finds an organic future
Sue Prince

20 Economic benefits of a transition to ecological agriculture
Silvio Gomes de Almeida and Gabriel Bianconi Fernandes

22 From chemical intensive to sustainable agriculture practices
Anil Rana

23 Regenerative agricultural entrepreneurship and education along the Petite Côte, Senegal
Nathan C. McClintock

25 Moong over microchips
Venkat Iyer

26 Farmer’s Diary : Transitioning to LEISA
Madhu Ramakrishnan

27 Cabiokid, a successful experiment
Bert Peeters

29 Towards sustainability….
Pushpa Kammar

30 The Narayana Reddy Column- Need for changing agricultural practices

31 New books

33 Sources

34 Networking

35 Transition is a matter of watching and observing
Erik van der Werf

35 Book Review :  Biological Approaches to Sustainable Soil Systems

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